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It may not be noticeable to the naked eye, but if you take a closer look, you’ll soon learn that more than 2.96 million people in Canada are poor (Source: Poverty Trends Highlights 2013 by Citizens for Public Justice). It’s a heart breaking reality that, though Canada is the land of opportunities it still suffers from such brokenness as poverty.  In 2012a record of 872,379 Canadians used food banks each month, the highest level of food bank usage ever (Food Banks Canada).  In 2013 though the number was slightly lower at 833,098 – which is still 23% above the 2008 levels (Hunger Count 2013).

In Peel region itself around 194,000 people under poverty, struggling for their daily needs and living with just one time meal per day. It’s a known fact that lots of families including children and elderly seniors are going to bed with empty stomach.

What we do?

Sai Dham Canada is an institution of love serving with the motive of “Service to Humanity”. Sai Dham Food BANK – serves to the community for the noble cause of eliminating ‘hunger’ with the objective that “no one should go to bed hungry”.

Sai Dham Food Bank distributes non-perishable food to people with disability (mentally and physically challenged), elderly seniors with low income in the Mississauga and Brampton areas. First time in Canada, the non-perishable food is delivered to the families’ directly to their door-step. Sai Dham Food Bank distribute food under two programs to support frail and elderly seniors and individuals and families experiencing crisis in need of food. All food delivery services are provided on a voluntary basis with the generous support of volunteers.

  1. Food Delivery Service

The Sai Dham Canada Food Delivery Service will help to support frail and elderly seniors. The service will provide seniors with sufficient food for one month. Deliveries will occur once per month at a mutually convenient time. Please note that food delivery is scheduled based on the availability of Sai Dham Canada’s volunteers.

  1. Emergency Food Service

Emergency Food Service will be provided on a one-time basis for individuals or families experiencing difficulty in securing food. A critical incidence may change an individual’s or family’s ability to secure food. This one time service will be provided based on intake and assessment.


We request your contribution to help the community; we know that without your support and generosity it will be a hard journey for us to serve the poor people. Your help plays a BIG part in our ability to make a difference in many lives including children and seniors. Please remember that every human deserves three meals a day, but who knows it may be our neighbor or friend or our close relative sleeping with hunger. Your donations help to sustain our organization and benefit the community which we serve.

We accept cash/cheque donations; also in the form of perishable or non-perishable items. We are looking for sponsors to support our daily breakfast program, community kitchen and food bank programs. We issue donation receipts for all eligible donations for the income tax purposes as per CRA guidelines.


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