About Sai Dham canada

about sai dham canada

Our mission is to share the Good of SAIDHAM, loving, faith and serving.

Sai Dham Canada – an institution of love, is a registered not for profit organization established on March 3rd 2010. The inception of Sai Dham rooted in advance on January 7th 2010 after our beloved Shirdi Sai Baba’s statue landed in Toronto, Canada from Jaipur, India.

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our vision, mision and values


Our Mission and Vision

Sai Dham Canada provides service to humanity by enabling positive change through spiritual awareness in the lives of all, for fruitful living and meaningful connection.
  1. Build replica of the Shirdi Sai Temple in Canada.
  2. To Open a Food Bank where perishable and non-perishable food will be availabe at all times.
  3. Establish a trust fund to help educate children with their higher studies who otherwise are unable to fulfil their dreams.
  4. To build a Sai School where spiritual and religious books of all faiths will be available.
  5. To provide a computer center for community.
  6. To arrance Cmpus for spiritual progress for all ages. This consists of meditation, yoga and other activites.
  7. To be able to present all Aarti’s and Bhajans live telecast on our website for anyone who would like to take HIS darshan and enjoy HIS bhajans from the comfort of their home, while travelling and so on.
  8. To be able to provide a place for new immigrants to initially live ( Approximatly 14 Days ) to help them settle in Canada.



Our Values

  • Shraddha (firm faith) and Saburi (patience).
  • Serve and love everyone equally regardless of religious beliefs or faith.
  • Share knowledge and education with one and all
  • Help and support the wellbeing of all including physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.
  • Live in harmony with all living beings on earth, in the sky and water.

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